Q.  How do I register for Upland University?
You should see a link towards the top right that says "Register for University" or you can access the registration form here.
Q.  How much does the University cost?
When registering for the University, you will be given access to a growing selection of courses and learning plans.  The access is valid for one year and will be auto-renewed.  Customer access fees are $250/user.  
Q.  What will I have access to if I register for the University?
Currently, the University offers over 25 courses boasting more than 80 videos.  The course library will continue to grow as more content is created.  Topics range from basic FileBound configurations to submitting forms through a designed workflow.  There are courses for administrators, as well as end users of the system.  
Q.  I am new to the University, where should I start?
A great place to start is to watch the welcome video, you can find it here  .  If you are still uncertain where to go, we recommended following the learning plans found on your dashboard.  They will guide you through a series of related courses.
Q. What is the difference between a learning plan and a course?
A course is a collection of learning objects; syllabus, videos, exams, etc.  A learning plan is a collection of courses that are grouped together by topic to provide the learner a logical progression.  
Q.  Will I earn a certification by completing a single learning plan?
No, users will earn a "Certificate of Completion" at the end of each learning plan for example, "FileBound 101".  Users are able to download and print out these certificates.  A certification is achieved after all the required learning plans have been completed and the user passes the Certification Exam.  FBCU (FileBound Core Understanding) is an example of a certification and it is earned after completing the required learning plans and passing the certification exam.  
Q.  How can I print out my Certificates?
Certificates of Completion can be downloaded and printed once the learning plan has been completed.  Under the main menu, select "Learning Plans".  You will see a link to download a copy of your certificate next to the learning plans name, above the description.
Q.  Where can I find a list of all the courses available in the University?

There is a course catalog found under the Main Menu.  There are two catalogs, one lists all the learning plans, while the other displays all available course individually.  The course catalog can be found under the main menu options.

Q.  How can I register for a course?

When a course is displayed in the course catalog, you will see the option to "Enroll".  Simply click enroll and the course or learning plan will automatically be assigned to you if it is an open enrollment.   You can then access the course/learning plan from the corresponding option under Main Menu.

Q.  What is a "Moderated" Enrollment?

A.  Moderated just means there is either a fee or certain requirements that must be met before they will be subscribed to the course.  The enrollment request is being monitored by an Administrator for approval.

Q.  How can I find the prerequisites for a course?

All courses contain a syllabus.  The syllabus will give information pertaining to the recommended audience and recommended prerequisites,as well as show the learning plan it is contain within.  Prerequisites can also be found under the learning plan syllabus.

Q.  Why do some courses show as locked?  How do I unlock them?

A course will show as locked if there is a prerequisite course.  This means the course is part of a learning plan, it is required that another course be viewed first.  Please see the syllabus for prerequisites.

Q. Where can I see what certificates I've earned?

Any certificates you have earned can be found in "My Activities" under the Main Menu.

Q. I have launched the course but it is not coming up. Are there any special requirements to view the courses?

When you click on the course it should appear in a separate pop up window. So please make sure that pop ups are enabled in your browser.

Additionally, courses may contain animations and audio. To view the courses in the best possible manner, you might need the flash plugin. You might already have this installed. If you don't please install the flash plugin. You can get it from here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/







Improve efficiency through end-to-end content and process automation

FileBound is a cloud process automation application that improves the way organizations execute work by controlling documents, content and processes. An end-to-end solution, FileBound delivers all of the capabilities needed to implement automated workflows: forms, analytics, integration, capture and more. All of these capabilities can be accessed anywhere by authenticated users from any connected device, including mobile smartphones and touch-enabled tablets.

Invest in your team and make sure everyone understands the power of FileBound from the ground up. Our comprehensive instructor-led course initiatives provide users with the opportunity to obtain hands-on training –  without leaving the office. FileBound University courses are largely webinar based and will be recurring, allowing plenty of opportunities to expand your FileBound knowledge in a way that fits with both your schedule and budget.

For your convenience, we are now offering course bundling options in addition to our a la carte options. This means you can create your own FileBound University experience – and potentially save some big bucks in the process!


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